SaaScon 2010
Tuesday, April 6, 2010
7:30 am - 8:45 amBreakfast and Registration
8:45 am - 9:00 amWelcome and Opening Remarks
Julia King, Executive Editor of Events, Computerworld
9:00 am - 9:45 amL.A. Contract Confidential
Kevin Crawford, Assistant General Manager, City of Los Angeles
Randi Levin, CTO & General Manager, City of Los Angeles

When the city council of Los Angeles voted unanimously to outsource its e-mail system to Google, it became the largest city ever to do so. Council members approved the $7.25-million contract that would move the city’s 30,000 employees to Google this year, and provide for five (3 +1 +1) years of e-mail services. In one of the most cutting edge SaaS contracts to date, the city took their vendor to task, hammering out a contract that requires compensation to the city in the event of any data breach. Come hear the CTO tell the tale of the negotiation and migration process from the inside.
9:45 am - 10:15 amSaaS: Engine of Innovation
Todd Pierce, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Genentech

The flexibility and scalability of a services-based infrastructure can free a company to reach beyond its core business. Hear how Genentech, a leading biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures and commercializes medicines, has streamlined its core business and entered a new phase after moving 12,000 users to Google Docs and retiring 130 applications.
10:15 am - 10:45 amNetworking Break
10:45 am - 11:15 amThe Dimensions of Cloud
Tim O'Brien, Senior Director, Platform Strategy Group, Microsoft Corp.

The impact of cloud services goes far beyond application development, deployment and delivery, and reaches far across virtually every dimension of how people and businesses use technology. Hear how Microsoft envisions the impact and reach of the cloud, and how it’s changed the way the company thinks about its multiple businesses, customer segments and partner ecosystem amidst an industry shift toward services.
11:20 am - 11:50 amOvercoming Application Delivery Headaches in the Cloud
Andy Rubinson, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Akamai

Whether you’re a SaaS ISV, cloud service provider, or IT executive evaluating cloud solutions, ensuring performance, availability, and security for cloud applications can be a challenge. Inherent latency, inefficient protocols, and other Internet bottlenecks can lead to dissatisfied or lost customers, low usage, and increased support calls for cloud services. For internal IT organizations, it can mean poor adoption and lost ROI on cloud solutions. Increasing security threats by cyber criminals add yet another challenge. By attending this presentation, you will learn how the Internet can negatively impact delivery of cloud-based services, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, and the steps you need to take to ensure optimal application delivery. Strong performance for applications in the cloud is no longer “nice to have” but critical for survival for cloud service providers and IT organizations alike.
Case Study: Building and Managing Cloud Applications and Infrastructure
Rich Froble, Product Director, TopLine ISV SaaS Enablement, AT&T
Ron Papas, General Manager, Cloud Business Unit, Informatica

While service-based infrastructure can improve TCO and streamline IT management, it also presents some challenges that need to be met head-on. How do you ensure your data is secure in transit and available when you need it? How do you manage and communicate with your infrastructure? How do you enable service quality metrics and disaster recovery? And, how do you integrate data from legacy systems with data from web-based systems? Join AT&T and Informatica as they share their experience in building and managing cloud applications and infrastructure.
12:00 pm - 1:30 pmLunch in the Networking Lounge and Expo
1:30 pm - 2:00 pmRe-Thinking Security and Trust Integration for the Cloud Era
Douglas Menefee, CIO, The Schumacher Group

The shift to SaaS and other cloud services means new challenges for integration of business applications, data and security and identity management. In this discussion, we’ll hear how one innovative company re-crafted its approach to security to weave together a fabric of trust integration between on-premises apps and the Cloud that abstracts underlying technologies and standards. This resulted in a nimble and secure IT foundation that bridges both traditional IT behind the firewall with new users, apps and data in the Cloud. The result has led to a customer-centric IT organization that can quickly deliver new capabilities and be responsive to the ever changing needs of the healthcare marketplace.
2:00 pm - 2:45 pmCIO Panel: Approaches to Integration for SaaS and the Cloud
Moderator: Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies
John Lake, Director of Information Systems, Panasas
Douglas Menefee, CIO, The Schumacher Group
Todd Pierce, Senior Vice President, Information Technology, Genentech
David Smoley, CIO, Flextronics

Join this spirited panel discussion of IT executives with SaaS and cloud implementations as they discuss their approaches to integration, both among cloud-based applications and with on-premise software. What were the options they considered? The top decision-making factors? Costs and time added to deployment schedules? What were the operational hiccups? We’ll hear from several leading companies and share the benefit of their experiences.
2:50 pm - 3:30 pm
Assessing Risk of SaaS Providers
Mark Davison, Partner, Apex3 LLC

Whether you are considering a new SaaS application or evaluating options when it’s time to renew, IT executives must consider a wide range of issues when looking at a potential partner. Is the partner’s infrastructure stable, scalable and secure? Does it have a business continuity plan that meets your needs? What about regulatory compliance? What happens if the provider is acquired or goes out of business? In this session, you will learn what to ask and how to get real answers you can bring to your board for a wise SaaS investment.
Integration Strategies for SaaS Applications
David Smoley, CIO, Flextronics

Whether you need to link workflows across different applications procured via SaaS or with applications your organization already has on-premise, what are the best approaches to consider? Is it worth custom development, or is an appliance a good option? Learn from a practitioner who weighed these options and more in this session on solving one of SaaS’ most important challenges.
Success Factors for SaaS Providers
Frederik Schouboe, President,

SaaS may be enjoying global popularity, but providers still face challenges to selling and promoting SaaS solutions, and sometimes fail. This session will help you determine how to approach SaaS offerings both as a customer or a SaaS provider, from developing top-notch offerings to properly educating your customer base.
3:35 pm - 4:15 pmMitigating the Risks of Moving to SaaS
Eric Sinrod, Partner, Duane Morris, LLP

There are numerous risks and liabilities to consider when working in cyberspace, some expected and some hidden. While technology has blazed ahead and enabled new models like SaaS and the cloud, the law and business processes are just now catching up. Companies need to adopt forward-thinking strategies to avoid possible legal disasters, especially when considering the potential pitfalls of moving to a SaaS or cloud services model.
Accelerating Integration in the Cloud
Barry Newman, Vice President of IT,

When moving core business applications to the cloud, you can’t afford to drag your feet on integration. This session will follow the story of a home services comparison-shopping portal that moved its legacy systems to the cloud and needed to automate critical business processes in order to work with customers and partners more efficiently. With cost, time-to-market and scalability critical factors of the migration, hear how the organization met these objectives and more.
Engineering Your Approach to SaaS Development
Tony Shan, Principal Enterprise Architect, Keane Inc.

To develop truly effective cloud-based solutions requires a unique and comprehensive approach to engineering. In this session, Tony Shan will outline his FAST ROUTE approach to “cloud engineering,” which takes developers from concept to delivery. Learn how this real world approach to product development brings success to those developing for the cloud.
4:20 pm - 5:00 pmOne on One: Data Protection and Other Cloud Risks
Jim Reavis, co-founder, Cloud Security Alliance
Patrick Thibodeau, Senior Editor, Computerworld

Many SaaS providers claim to be secure and reliable. But how can you tell? During this frank interview, Computerworld’s award-winning cloud journalist will challenge the co-founder of industry consortium Cloud Security Alliance on the state of security, delivery and reliability to give you the real deal on how ready cloud providers are to manage increasing loads -- and increasingly important applications and data. Jim Reavis will also share what he has witnessed as numerous have dealt with the challenges of integration, security and access to applications and infrastructure in the cloud.
How to Choose integration-friendly Types of Apps to Launch Your SaaS Strategy
Bob Sala, President and CEO, Distribution Market Advantage (DMA)

One way to make it easier on yourself when moving to a SaaS or cloud model is to select apps that appear to have fewer integration challenges. BI, says our speaker, is one good example. Learn how one organization identified BI as a type of application where integration was not an issue, and how his implementation went.
Migration from PaaS to IaaS
Mathieu Guilmineau, CTO, eMOBUS

This session will cover eMOBUS’ lessons learned in selecting a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider and the risk reducing steps the company’s engineering team took when migrating from QuickBase. In this presentation, Mathieu Guilmineau, CTO of eMOBUS, will discuss how his team managed the evolution of the company’s mission-critical systems. Mathieu will explain the initial benefits of choosing QuickBase, how the application outgrew the platform, and what worked compared to what didn't in transitioning to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider.
5:00 pm - 6:30 pmSaaScon Gold Rush Reception

After today’s full agenda here in the West, we welcome you to join us for some tasty treasures at the SaaScon Gold Rush Reception. Enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while you mix and mingle with attendees, speakers and sponsors.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010
7:45 am - 8:45 amBreakfast
8:45 am - 9:00 amOpening Remarks
Julia King, Executive Editor of Events, Computerworld
9:00 am - 9:45 amState of the Art: Cloud Security
Ed Bellis, CISO, Orbitz
Jim Reavis, co-founder, Cloud Security Alliance
Derek Slater (Moderator), Editor in Chief, CSO magazine
Jeff M. Spivey CPP, President, Security Risk Management
Keith Waldorf, COO, Doctor Dispense

This panel discussion will feature top cloud computing experts and some early CSO and CISO practitioners. The discusion will focus on the security risks of moving storage, applications or any part of your infrastructure and operations to the cloud, and how you can best go about migrating those risks. This special combined session will be held in the Convention Center, and will be open to attendess of CSO Perspectives and SaaScon 2010. Don't miss what is certain to be unique and lively discussion.
9:45 am - 10:30 amPutting the Cloud in Proper Perspective
Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies

Now that the cloud computing hype-cycle is reaching its peak, its time to sort out the myths and realities regarding today’s cloud capabilities, delivery models, data privacy issues, contracting practices, customer support, and enterprise readiness, so IT and business decision-makers can determine where and how to leverage these capabilities to achieve their corporate objectives.
10:35 am - 11:05 amNetworking Break
11:05 am - 11:50 amHow Orbitz Built Its Services-Based Travel Empire
Ed Bellis, CISO, Orbitz

You may know Orbitz as the wildly popular travel service, but it’s also the back end for numerous on-line ticketing agencies and has several other iterations of its ticket fulfillment service. In this session, we’ll hear how Orbitz built out its empire and kept a handle on secure transactions, plus some of the other architectural and procedural decisions it made along the way.
11:55 am - 12:25 pmCloudsourcing: Thinking Big with the Cloud
Chris Barbin, CEO, Appirio

In 2009, cloud computing moved past the tipping point of enterprise adoption and is now an investment priority for most CIOs. However, most enterprises are focused on adopting point applications or piloting cloud platforms. Appirio, a company that's worked with and Google's largest customers and moved more than 300,000 users to the cloud, will explain why companies should be thinking about cloud computing in a much bigger way. Based on customer insights and our own experience as a server-less enterprise, we'll share case studies of companies who are looking to cloudsource more or even all of their IT infrastructure to public cloud providers such as Salesforce, Google, Amazon and Microsoft. We'll demonstrate why the ROI is orders of magnitude higher if you move all, not just some, of your IT to the cloud.
Implementing Microsoft’s Online Services – Real World Experiences
David Cutler, General Manager, Slalom Consulting

Cloud services offer organizations a significant opportunity to dramatically reduce costs and improve productivity, but these benefits are not without risks. In this session Dave Cutler, General Manager with Slalom Consulting will share real world experiences implementing Microsoft’s Exchange Online and SharePoint Online services. Learn why customers are choosing the cloud, which workloads offer the most benefit and common challenges experienced presented through customer case studies. As an early leader in implementing Microsoft Online Services, Slalom Consulting has been on the front line helping customers understand the practical benefits of the cloud.

12:30 pm - 1:45 pmLunch in the Networking Lounge and Expo
1:45 pm - 2:30 pm
ROI vs. TCO of SaaS and Other Cloud Services
Kiran Vedak, Sr. Director of IT Architecture and Planning, Diversey, Inc.

Many organizations go the SaaS route because they can get up and running quickly, without capital funds. But that flexibility can have a long-term price tag, with payments that never go away. This session will examine the cost equation for SaaS and compare the ROI and total cost of ownership so you can talk knowledgeably to your CFO about the impact on the bottom line and the balance sheet.
BI in the Cloud
Shawn R. Spott, Vice President | Manager, Marketing Research and Strategic Analysis, RBC Wealth Management

The complexity of business intelligence implementations is legendary. How can BI as a service help? This growing category shows many options for putting pieces of the BI puzzle in the cloud. This session will look at how a needs focused, best practices approach allowed a major financial services firm to implement a thriving BI as a service solution.
How SaaS Companies Can Get Funding
Glenn Solomon, Managing Partner, GGV Capital

SaaS providers are a hot target for investors. If you’re a SaaS provider, here are a few tips from a leading technology capitalization firm that will help you position your company to win investment dollars. The economy may still be struggling a bit, but there’s money for providers on the cutting edge.
2:35 pm - 3:15 pmWorking with the Business on their SaaS Solutions
Liz Herbert, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

The SaaS model allows – even encourages -- business users to shop for their own software. But at some point, all those applications hidden in your business units will become IT’s problem. In this session, you will learn how and when to get involved in their decision-making so you can create a true SaaS strategy that makes sense for your entire organization.
Point Solutions vs. Mission Critical Applications via SaaS
James Sheppard, CEO and co-founder, Vetrazzo

Many organizations are using SaaS for CRM, travel or expense reports. But what about truly mission critical functions? How do you know if your organization is ready to trust the cloud for keeping the company running? Hear a case study on ERP in the cloud and debate this topic with peers and experts as a key question in the cloud debate.
3:20 pm - 4:00 pmInfrastructure as a Service for Agility and Growth
Keith Waldorf, COO, Doctor Dispense

Doctor Dispense provides physicians’ offices with the ability to dispense commonly used prescriptions in-house in real-time so patients are not required to wait in line or go elsewhere. As a high-tech start-up, Doctor Dispense’s strategic objectives involve agility, growth and speed to market, and the company turned to Infrastructure as a Service to meet those goals. Hear how this company conducted its research and selected a provider, such that now it is able to change server environments from a portal anywhere, anytime.
Building SaaS Applications for Your Business Partners: A Dealer Management Case Study
Michalis Moraitis, CIO, Nissan Greece

Does your business see SaaS as the golden ticket to working with partners or suppliers? How can you develop or identify the right solution, then sell those constituents on it? Hear from a practitioner who built a car dealer system, then worked to get dealerships on board with the SaaS software.
4:00 pmConference Concludes